Soap Aid – Hotel to Hands


Globally, travellers and hotels throw away an estimated five million bars of waste or unused soap every day. Large volumes of discarded soap end up in overflowing landfills and directly affect our precious environment.

Recognising this waste and in response to the growing and critical need for soap, Soap Aid developed its’ Hotel to Hands’ Program.

We collect, sort, clean and reprocess hotel soap into fresh, hygienic soap bars for distribution to targeted communities around the world.

The Quality Inn Carriage House are proud Hotel Champions in partnership with Soap Aid. Together we are helping to save lives and create long-lasting environmental benefits by recycling and supplying critically needed soap to communities in need throughout the world.

So what does this mean for our guests? Any of the bars of soaps that you leave behind in the bathroom are collected by housekeeping and sent off to Soap Aid. They are then sorted, cleaned and crushed through re-processing equipment and then heated and blended ready for recycling. The recycled soap is then made into new, hygienic soap bars which are then packed into boxes ready for distribution. The soap and hygiene training packages are delivered to targeted communities. The soap provides communities an extremely simple yet effective measure for saving lives.